Babies love music

photo used with permission. A.G.

photo used with permission. A.G.


About Music and Your Baby

Music is beneficial for enhancing your baby's development:

  • Music encourages bonding between mother and baby

  • Music supports receptive and expressive language development

  • Music encourages self-expression

  • Music supports the development of listening skills

  • Music can increase a child's ability to relax and feel calm

  • Music aids in awareness of the body, space, and others

  • Music aids in cognitive development

  • Music aids in fine and gross motor movement development

Groups run for 8 weeks. Please note that Dad's are welcome too! Ages accepted for this term are 5-12 months. Winter/Spring classes will begin in February.

Cost: $16 per class ($128 for 8 weeks), $20 drop-in**, additional siblings are $80. Cash, cheque or e-transfer are accepted forms of payment. Classes are 1 hour in duration.  

Please email me at for address of music class location. 

Moms and babies interact/play alongside the therapist in a group setting. The therapist encourages a hands-on approach with mom and baby. Repetition combined with rhythm is important for a child's acquisition of new skills. We will be singing songs and moving and grooving throughout the 8 weeks! Instruments and visual props will be provided

Sign up for the next session by emailing

 ** Drop-ins welcome, however please let me know 1 day prior to attendance!